Securing employees’ health and safety constitutes one of the fundamental human rights, that are ensured by Georgian legislation and numerous international standards.

“German Cement ltd” takes especial pride in the degree of supervision that is attributed towards the implementation and maintenance of the finest standards for work environment and safety. Our production site is subject to the establishment of regular inspection programs, which entail aspects such as: preparation and production of documentation, improvement and omission of errors, that are detected as a consequence of the inspections. The employees at our plant also actively undergo various trainings in order to educate themselves in the health and safety concerns that they might be subject to.

Our company is partnered up with one of the prominent companies in Georgia in regard to workplace safety and health – SAFCO, that is a licensed representative of the IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety & Health). “SAFCO” offers us a wide array of services, which are compiled with trainings and projects for all levels of employee occupation. This partnership entails and ensures higher degrees of qualification of the employees and workplace safety and health.

We are keen on establishing, maintaining and developing the culture of workplace safety and health on all of our sites, regarding our employees as well as all the other visitors.