Portland Cement CEM I 42.5 R

CEM I 42,5 R is the cement of high strength with physical-mechanical indicators (hardness/compression) according to EN standards:

2 days – 28 Mpa

28 days – 51 Mpa

CEM I 42,5 R Portland Cement is characterized by high initial and final hardness, as well as low alkalinity. Due to mentioned features, this type of cement can be used as the basis of producing a high class of concrete C20/25- C 45/55 which is used for constructing:

Portland Cement CEM II A-L, 42.5 R

Portland CEM II A-L, 42.5 R has limestone additive which is characterized by high hardness indicator at the earlier stage (2nd day) as well as a final stage (28th  day) of cement hardening period. Considering its physical and mechanical features, this type of cement can be used for manufacturing high-quality concrete C20/25- C 45/55 applicable for constructing: