In the frame of the modernization project, the whole grinding cycle has shifted from an open-cycle towards a more technologically modern, closed-cycle. The loop of the feeding additives in cement production has also been renovated and renewed, also the brand-new silos for cement storage and cement loading scheme have been utilized to the maximum.

As a consequence of the transition from an open-cycle towards a closed-cycle grinding method:

  • Parameters of cement grinding have been enhanced and upgraded (specific surface cm3/g, sieve residue 80,45,32 micron), which ensures the growth of the cement’s physical-mechanical indicators (compressive strength kg/cm2 on the 2’nd and 28’th day, initial and final setting time)
  • The plant’s maximum production capacity has increased significantly
  • Decrease in energy consumption on marginal production

With the renewal of the feeding loop of cement additives:

  • The utilization of modern weigh feeder belts provides the capacity to produce and control the composition (recipe) of the cement in accordance with the EN standard.
  • Significant improvement of quality control throughout the process of cement grinding
  • Capacity to produce different types of cement according to the EN standard.

As a consequence of revamping the whole scheme of cement loading and the new silos for cement storage:

  • Cement storage in accordance with the EN standard became viable and practical, which ensures the minimization of the negative effects of atmospheric precipitates.
  • Loading time for cement trucks has decreased from 45 minutes to 10-15 minutes approximately.
  • Employing the weights under the silos provides the possibility to load the cement trucks with specifically the amount that is stated in the order.
  • Improvement of the cement ordering and order competing cycle

In the frame of the project, the cement mill alongside the raw materials and cement movement loops have been equipped with the latest sakhelurebiani filters (effectiveness rate 99.9%), which has improved the ecological parameters and decreased the losses in the production process.

For the purposes of quality control throughout the process of cement grinding, the laboratory has been re-equipped and renovated.