The beginning of the new academic year at Kindergarten N3 of Kaspi, was extraordinarily special, with the notable contribution from German Cement. The representatives of German Cement met with the staff of the kindergarten and discussed educational methods and their specifications. Through dialogues with the staff, several aspects were identified in the daily routine of the kindergarten that the working personnel themselves wished to improve. Subsequently, as part of the company’s social responsibility, new recreational, developmental, and educational activities were organized for up to 80 children.

This was an opportunity for our company to express our goodwill and gratitude towards Kaspi and its population. We are delighted to have played a small part in the development of the city and its children. We’re prepared to make this an annual commitment and, if possible, to increase our involvement in such activities.

Special thanks go to the Director of the Kaspi’s Childhood Development Institutions Union, Ms. Manana Khvtisiashvili, and the head of Kindergarten N3, Mrs. Tea Kutashvili. Through their cooperative efforts, the start of the new academic year will be met with more joy, excitement, and enthusiasm by the future generation of Kaspi.