German Cement LLC, a company that meets all European standards, has completed the first stage of a plant modernization project in Kaspi.

The project entails installing a cement ball mill with a capacity of 35 t/h; which consists of clinker, gypsum and additives bunkers, dispensers, a ball mill, a powder separator, 99.9% high-efficiency bag filters, a closed pneumatic conveyor for allocating cement in silos, a cement bag packing machine, and a cement truck loading system.

In the first stage of the project, the power node of the mill was completed, which ensures maximum dosing accuracy during cement production.

Four cement silos – each with a capacity of 500 tons – have been installed in the plant. The loading system, which belongs to a leading German company – IBAU – automatically provides guarantees for the exact required amount of cement and loading into the cement truck. Furthermore, it reduces loading time to 10 minutes, and the ‘Smart Loading System’ is fully automized.

The whole production line is equipped with European standard bag filters that have a 99.9% efficiency rating, as well as ensuring environmental protection in both the cement production and cement loading processes.

The second stage of the modernization project entails the transition from an open to a closed-circuit conversion of the ball mill including the installation of dynamic separators. This will ensure energy-efficient production of high-quality cement, and dispatch automation for automatic order processing.

Within the scope of the project, the monitoring of cement grinding warehouses will also be carried out by SIEMENS modern production control with the installation of an automatic control program.

The second step of the modernization project will be completed in December 2020.