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LLC German Cement LTD is a dynamically growing, cement-producing company that has established itself as an active producer in Georgia since the year 2019.

Our company’s significant investments towards the modernization of the existing cement plant have yielded an increase in the production cap. These processes have ensured the growth of the quality of our products, unlimited supply of these products, and delivering high standards of our services. Subsequently, these investments have led to the establishment of LLC German Cement LTD as one of the forerunners in the market of construction materials.

We are a company promoting and establishing European standards and quality on the Georgian market. Our production is based on the European standard, which includes the usage of a modernized, high-tech cement plant along with a highly experienced team of Georgian professionals. Therefore, all of our products are 100% manufactured in Georgia. When offering high-quality products along with established high-standard services, we operate promptly with responsibility, dedication, and flexibility. Our goal is to become the most effective and innovative company in the construction materials market, in order to assist the welfare, prosperity, and development of the country in which we operate- Georgia. Constant supervision of health and safety measures in the workplace, along with environmental sustainability are principles of importance to us. Whether you are a consumer or an employee with LLC German Cement LTD, you are choosing the best

With us, you can build with trust.

The New Plant

Our company’s innovative and modernized cement grinding plant is located in Kaspi, Georgia. The process of cement production has been fully upgraded in collaboration with prominent European companies in the field of engineering & consultancy such as – “New Baron & Leveque East SA” (NBLE, Belgium), Personal Service Agentur (PSA, Germany), and Sustained Visions (SUSVI, Germany).

Within the scope of the modernization project, modifications have been made in relation to the existing cement grinding mill. The cement mill has been equipped with up-to-date design shell and headliners, a middle diaphragm, and grinding balls. These innovations have made it possible to raise the production of the cement mill from 20tph up to 30tph r(200,000t annual).

As a result of collaborations with the above-mentioned partners, the existing cement grinding technology has changed fundamentally. Therefore, a shift has occurred from the previous grinding technique (open cycle) to a modern (closed cycle) technique with the installation of a new-generation type (O-SEPA type) separator. Within the scope of the project, the cement mill feeding system has been fully upgraded and modern type weight feeders have been installed, which allow high accuracy for proportional sizing (according to EN standard) the cement components throughout the grinding process. The monitoring and automatization of the cement grinding process are carried out by  “SIEMENS AG” modern production process control system.


The production site has been equipped with four new cement silos, each with a capacity of 500t. The truck loading equipment has been equipped from a prominent, German company “IBAU HAMBURG” (Germany) which, along with the existing truck scales, guarantees the precise and timely loading of the requested amount of cement in the cement trucks (loading duration- 10 minutes).

For the purposes of quality control, our lab has been instrumented with laboratory equipment from “TESTING Bluhm & Feuerherdt GmbH” (Germany) and “HOSOKAWA Alpine AG” (Germany).

In order to become sustainable and environmentally sound, our company has provided extensive effort by replacing the whole technological line with bag filters with an effectiveness rate of 99.9%. This equipment assures sustainability during both, the production of the cement as well as the loading of the cement.

Within the project framework, new types of equipment have been installed which belong to the world-leading brands – SIEMENS, IBAU, ESIT, TUNAYLAR.

The production site is also equipped with a personal railway dead end, that provides the capacity for the supply of clinker wagons in a timely fashion.

The modernization of LLC German Cement LTD‘s production site serves a common goal: to guarantee additional capacity for future increases in demand, essentially reduce costs of production, and to support manufacturing of high-quality products with unlimited supple and high standard services.

Cement testing laboratory providing comprehensive quality control

Fully automated Smart Loading System minimizing the loading time

Personal railway dead-end guaranteeing uninterrupted clinker supply

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